Places of Interest in Sri Kshetra

Sri Kalabhairaveshwara Kshetra has Sri Gangadhareshwara as its prime deity and four other avatars of Lord Shiva. Lord Shiva according to legends (Purana) is the simplest of all deities and appeases with only pure faith of the devotees and do not expect any sort of offerings from them. Though this belief is true for all deities, yet Lord Shiva is known for his effortlessness and gentleness. He heeds to the prayers of all devotees irrespective of their caste, creed, sex, race etc. But at times he gets ferocious and destroys the unrighteous and unruly demons and wipes them out from the face of this Earth. He is famous as Neelakantha for having gulped the poison to save the mankind, according to legend in Vishnu Purana. Thus this temple complex is a famous tourist and religious Shiva kshetra.

Also this place has lot many other places of religious importance. The counterpart of Lord Shiva in this kshetra, Sri Stambhambika Devi who happens to be the Energy source or Shakti Devata. She blesses unmarried girls with eligible husbands and married women pray this Devi for their husband’s longevity and health. Brief list of places to visit by the devotees during their tour of this Sri Kalabhairavakshetra follows:

1) Kshetrapalaka Sri Kalabhairaveshwara Swamy Temple- This Aradya deva (prime deity) is worshipped by the pontiff who heads the Siddha Simhasana,with all grandeur, resembling the divine gathering at Mount Kailasa especially on the Maha Shivarathri celebrations.

 2) Panchalingas:

  • Sri Gangadhareshwara,
  • Sri Malleshwara,
  • Sri kathale Someshwara,
  • Sri Gavisiddeshwara  and
  • Sri Chandramouleshwara.


3) Sri Stambhambika (Kambadamma) is believed to have come out or embossed of the wall by itself to bless the devotees of this kshetra following her divine combine, Lord Sri Kalabhairaveshwara Swamy.

4) Jwalapeetha Siddhasimhasana- according to the legend in Shiva Purana Lord Kalabhairava pleased with the penance of the sages in this kshetra about 1800 yrs ago. Even today this Simhasana or throne exists, which is ascended by the renounced Mahaswamiji who is chosen to head this Mahasamstana by the Guru.

5) His Holiness Mahawamiji’s Darshan Hall– The head and Guru of this Sri kshetra preside over the gathering and preach discourses to the devotees of this Sri kshetra. This hall is equipped with all modern technology so that thousands of devotees can unite at one place and listen to the divine nectar like teachings of their beloved Mahaswamiji.

6) Sri Kalabhraiveshwara Pushkarini also known as Bindu Sarovara. Taking dip in these holy waters will cure infertility and bless couples with healthy children is the popular belief among the devotees.

7)  Bhairava Bhavan.

8) Annapoorneshwari Prasada Nilayam.

9)  Sri Kalabhairaveshwara Swamy Sanskrit Veda Agama College-Shaivagama Prayogalaya.

10) Nagarakallu and koogubande

11)  Sri Nagalingeshwara Temple.

12) Mayura Vana (peacock garden) famous all over the world for the varieties of peacocks in this area. His holiness the Mahaswamiji thought of creating this garden with the objective of preserving the National bird of ours from extinction, due to excessive degradation activities from humans.

13) Mantapas of all former Jagadgurus – the details of the former illumined seers as a mark of respect for his Gurus has been established by His Holiness Mahaswamiji.

14)  BGS museum portrays every detail of this Sri Adichunchanagiri Mahasamstana kshetra