Nahi Jnanena Sadrusham…

The slogan means there is no match or alternative for Knowledge.  As the old saying goes a King is honored only in his kingdom; whereas a knowledgeable person is revered anywhere in the world. Knowledge is the resultant of proper Education.  Education in its true sense is important for an individual’s upliftment and progress.

Sri Aurobindo rightly states that Education is the manifestation of the Divinity which already exists in man. Hence Education has been an inseparable part of all civilizations, though in varied forms and modes. During Vedic periods Sruthi or oral teaching formed the mode of imparting knowledge but as time passed documentation of the knowledge has gained significance. India since times immemorial has been center for Excellence in providing Education for the seekers from all over the world. Takshashila and Nalanda were the Institutions of Higher Learning in the past which attracted scholars from different parts of the world.

Thus realizing the magnitude given to top Education in our country in the past, it is essential to hasten our efforts in present times to revive our country’s fame as an Educational Nucleus.  Sri Adichunchanagiri Math fulfills this objective by the initiative of Jnana Dasoha begun by the 71st pontiff Sri Sri Sri Dr.Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji. His holiness established the Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust (R.)  with the aim of imparting Education to the students mainly in rural areas deprived of basic amenities. This initiative in the long run will have a definitive impact on the development of the Nation. With the Mahaswamiji’s grace, today more than One lakh rural students are getting education.

More than 450 + schools are functioning all over the State and some of them are established even in neighboring States, which is an evidence for the compassion and vision for development of the Mahaswamiji. Also there is another reason that the former Head and Guru of the present Mahaswamiji had a habit of not carrying over the contributions and donations of one area to the other. He from his childhood had developed this habit when he used to leave his baggage and utensils in his room and purchased a new set whenever he shifted his Hostel room. This habit he retailed even as a Sanyasi and utilized all the donations granted in a particular area for the developmental activities in that area only. In spite of this habit he was successful in establishing numerous schools, colleges and Institutions of Higher learning.

Further the Adichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust (R.) under its umbrella runs many more institutions the details of which are provided at the end and updated in the official website of the Math. The students of these institutions are not only blessed with  Mahaswamiji’s divine grace but also receive free excellent formal education in both English and Kannada languages. Personally the present day Mahaswamiji erudite in both traditional and modern system has great respect and affiliation towards Kannada language. He is very passionate about Kannada literature and greatly admires Rashtrakavi Jnanapeeta awardee Kuvempu. He himself makes it a point to use Kannada language in his speeches wherever possible.

In addition the present pontiff strongly believes that Education is ”the tool” for upliftment of individual and also the Nation from the impoverishment and dependency resulting out of the ignorance and superstitions masking the minds of the people. He envisages spreading this campaign of education initiated by the Math all over the world so that the fame of India as an Educated and developed country reaches every corner of the world.

The Math also has taken up good lot of initiatives to rehabilitate the darkened lives of visually deprived children. With the blessings of his Guru the present pontiff satiated his desire for serving the Society even before taking up initiation by working at the Residential Blind School established by His Holiness at Archakarahally, Ramanagaram district. This place has all the necessary infrastructure set up in the 20 acres land enabling visually challenged children to rejoice the schooling and practical training. The present Mahaswamiji recollects his experience of being amidst these innocent children as one of the best moments of his life.

The educational institutions established by the Math not only provides formal educations meeting up the standards of modern day but also educates the children about the rich Indian heritage and inculcates national spirit in them. Parables of great legends and inspiring stories from the lives of great leaders, religious saints, and freedom fighters are enacted and taught to the children so as to foster the spirit of patriotism in them.

Moral education imparted in these schools as per the desire of present Mahaswamiji teaches tolerance and patience in the children boosting their confidence levels to face any kind of hardships in life. A sense of Unity and brotherhood develops in these students. Many such students from rural areas after completing their studies exhibit their gratitude by serving as teachers in these rural schools only. The Math also provides lodging and boarding facilities for the civil service aspirants, and some of these successful Officers gesticulate their mark of respect by training other similar aspirants and graduates.

 The Math provides free hostel facilities for rural needy students and charge minimal fees from other students as well. In spite of all free facilities, no compromise is made in the standards of Education. The Trust also promotes Traditional systems of learning. It has established Sanskrit schools which impart knowledge in Sanskrit language and also focuses on research of Vedas, Upanishads which are the hidden treasures of Knowledge.

This endeavour of Sri Adichunchangiri Mahasamstana Math initiated by the former Guru is continued and extensively disseminated by the present pontiff, who aspires for greater cooperation from all the devotees with the grace of His Holiness Sri Sri Sri Dr.Balagangadharanatha Mahaswamiji. 

Details of Institutions managed by the Trust: 

Medical Colleges


Ayurvedic College


Engineering Colleges


Architecture & Planning


Degree Colleges




Industrial Training Institutes


International and Central Schools


Pre-University Colleges


Nursing and Pharmacy Colleges


Veda and Sanskrit Schools


Primary and High Schools


Blind Shools


Deaf and Dumb schools


Social and Cultural Destitutes


Hostels and others