Vanasamvardhana- “Plant-a-Tree” Campign
Due to the rapid loss of forest wealth, the State has faced severe drought since 2000. His Holiness resolved to maintain the ecological balance and to cover the Mother Earth with Greenery. With the association of Karnataka Government and different religious leaders, His Holiness formed a `Karnataka Vanasamvardhana Trust(R)’ to improve the forest wealth with a target of planting round five core saplings.

His Holiness Sri Mahaswamiji, being a President of the Trust, accomplished the Project successfully in spite of myriad hindrances. Sri Math provided tree guards to protect the plants and sponsored different organizations to supply tractors for watering these saplings.

The Math has taken up the task of de-silting of water tanks as a part of ‘Jalasamvardhana’ project. As a result, the storage capacity of the tanks has considerably increased and the underground water level has also significantly improved. Many Wells and Tube wells in the nearby villages are recharged by this initiative. Drip Irrigation System has been introduced in all the Adichunchanagiri Branches and His Holiness has persuaded the same to the farmers in and around the Math.  Check Dams, Percolation Tanks, Farm Ponds, and Underground Tanks. Have also been constructed by the Math as an effort to sustain water resources, benefitting the farmers to grow crops.  Natural Renewable forms of energy like Solar Energy, Bio-Mass and Bio-Gas are used for domestic purposes in the Math. The young Mahaswamiji particularly emphasizes to conserve non-renewable forms of energy for the future generations and encourages usage of renewable energies which are found in abundance in Nature. He plans to take up R& D activities for efficiently utilizing renewable forms of energy in Industries and firms and thus minimizing & conserving non-renewable energies.