Lord Kalabhyraveshwara Temple, Shimoga

Kalabhairaveshwara Temple


Sri Kalabhyraveshwaraswamy Temple: The beautiful complex-like temple is built at the cost of rupees sixty crores, at Sri Kshetra Adichunchanagiri through which all traditional values would be taught. In essence, this ancient monastery headquarter is a dynamic complex with lively images of Kalabhyrava, Stambambike, Asthabhyravas, Asthasthabhyravas with Lord Ganesha and Lord Subrahmanya.

This enchanting temple is enclosed with high granite-well sculpted wall giving is a fortress-like quality. Lord Kalabhyrava’s sanctum has beautiful monolithic shrine, which has the height of 35-feet above the ground level. It originally consisted of sanctum, ‘Sanctorum’ or ‘Garbha Gruha’ built on a high plinth with finely sculpted design. One can see the celestial guardians i.e. Dwarapalakas at the very entrance of the sanctorum. Temple has well spaced circumambulatory passage.
The temple has the width of 18-feet and the total height of 21-feet. It consists of 128 pillars with well sculpted panels depicting different deities and their divine vehicles. Multiple layers of this temple complex express the strength of the mind, will power and indomitable spirit of His Holiness.