The Morality exists within the minds of

Individuals lead to

Ethical Society 

Imbibing moral values in one’s life is very much essential for a peaceful and stress free life. The Adichunchanagiri Math under the guidance of the Bhairvaikya Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadharanatha Maha Swamiji was able to initiate may moral related programmes and activities through the Math. The Math conducts regular character building Programmes, personality development programmes, value based cultural programmes, leadership training courses and Self introspection lessons where in thousands of Boys and Girls get trained and induced moral abiding values in life. Moral values are also told to youngsters and public through many discourses by the Mahaswamiji himself and through other spiritual leaders from organizations like Ramakrishna Ashrama, Art of Living and other eminent personalities and other religious Heads and leaders. All this leads to a state of mid free from religious heartedness, expect and reverence to elders and to lend a hand of love and friendship to others.

The Math also annually awards titles called ‘Chunchashri’ identifying eminent personalities from all the walks of life irrespective of caste and creed, so that these personalities will become role models for youngsters to follow.