Poojas and Sevas


Daily Pooja Details at Sri Kshetra:

• Vidhis start as early as 5.45 am with Gopooja – Cows are worshipped as Kamadhenu matha (mother cow which grants all wishes and desires of devotees) by Hindus and it finds a very reputable place in our lives. This ritual was started by His Holiness under the Save Cow campaign.
• Next at 6.00 am Recitation of Bhagavad Gita – This famous Hindu scripture is believed to be originated from the mouth of Lord Narayana himself. Reciting of these shlokas sanctifies the minds of all and urges them to introspect their thoughts rising in minds. This helps the students and devotees as well to start off their day with balanced and composed mind.
• At 6.30 am Mahabhisheka and Mahamangalarathi of Sri Kalabhairveswara Swamy and other deities. All the best auspicious items like milk, curds, honey, tender coconut, cow’s pure ghee, banana from the Math gardens, sandal paste are offered to the Lord. The devotees experience bliss by offering the best of whatever the Almighty has provided us with.
• Further at 7.15 am to 7.45 am Special Pooja & Bhajan at Mahasamadhi of H H Jagadguru Bhairavaikya Padmabhushan Sri Sri Sri Dr. Balagangadhranatha Maha Swamiji
• Around 12.00 noon Mahamangalarathi is offered to all deities. The darshan of the deities resumes in the evening time around 5.00 pm when lamps are lighted citing the beginning of dusk.
• At 7.00 pm Mahamangalarathi every evening is attended by all the monks and seers in the math and end their day long service surrendering all its good-bad karmas to the Lord.
• Sri Kalabhyraveshwara Swamy – Addapalakki Utsava on every Saturday
• Special Pooja & Homa at Sri Gangadhareshwara Swamy Temple on every Monday around 6.00 am
• Special Decoration for Sthambhambika Devi & Malamma Devi on every Tuesday & Friday
• Special Decoration for Sri Mahaganapathi on very month’s Sankastha Chaturthi
• Giri Pradhikshana Mahotsava on every Poornima Day
• Durga Homa Pooja on very Amavasya at Sri Kshetra Dasarigatta
• Special Homa, Abhisheka, Poojas are performed every Sunday & Amavasya days. Sri Kalabhyraveshwara Swamy deity is carried over as procession in Chariots in the temple premises which is very magnificent to view.

Apart from daily pooja vidhis many festivals of religious importance are performed collectively at the Math when large number of devotees arrives to participate in the celebrations and seek the blessings of His Holiness. 


Seva Details at Sri Kshetra:

Poojas and Sevas1

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