Life Laughs while you cry,

Life smiles when you are happy,

Life salutes when you make other happy.

Sri.Adichunchanagiri Math accomplished socio-spiritual works. Human beings and other creations are considered as the integral part of the society. Way of individual’s life reflects upon total fabric of society.

His Holiness introduced Mass Marriage System to reduce the burden among economically deprived sections of the society.  Sri Math organizes Mass Marriages annually at its Branches.

Women would play a major role in the process of Nation Building. They should be encouraged in all means. Even historically, we have had women rulers in our country. Some women are abandoned by the family members. With the view of giving new dimension to the life of such deserted women community, His Holiness established Watch Assembling Unit in Bangalore, where they are provided with free food, accommodation and wages.

In India, cows are worshipped as Divine Mother Gomatha. When severe drought hit the State, many cows were pushed to the slaughters house at throw away rates. His Holiness felt compassion for cows and opened many cattle sheds to shelter and protects the cows. Thousands of cattle are protected, at different places, viz., Mandya, Chitradurga,Sri Kshetra and the like.

In Western Ghats, forest experienced the Wild Fire. Thousands of habitants were displaced from their homes, and wild fire caused severe hardship. Sri Math took initiative to extinguish the wild fire, and assisted the refugees by providing them al basic and support services.

When Earthquake created an havoc and made peoples life miserabke, Sri Math responded to their woes and supported by all means to make their life comfortable. 

Sri Math has taken up Relief and Rehabilitation Works, significantly during Earthquake, super cyclone, Tsunami, and during Floods at different parts of the country.

Sri Swamiji’s ability to oversee so many on-going social activities is remarkable, yet he attributes everything to the blessings of Sri Kalabhyreshwara Swamy.