Spiritual Journey

Gangadhariah, who witnessed suffering around him and determined to obtain enlightenment, made up his mind to renounce the way of the world and to follow the path of spiritualism. Many interesting things prepared him for the life of divinity. Gangadhariah decided to be a sanyasi and join the band of the chosen few at Adi Chunchanagiri Math. At the same time there was a search for a young sanyasi from among the deserved. Things were becoming propitious for him. He discussed the decision of being a sanyasi with Sri Sri Sri Chidgagananda Swamiji who instinctively gave the support and introduced him to the committee.

Gangadhariah received the Lord’s gift of grace and his path was clear. He went to Adi Chunchanagiri Kshetra, which he hankered even as a student in college. After a few days his father came in search of him and took him back to Banandur. Sometime later he read in the newspaper that Sri Sri Sri Chandrasekaranath gave up his mortal being and Sri Sri Sri Ramanandanath Swamiji became the matadipati. As Sri Sri Sri Ramanandanath Swamiji was aged, he was seeking for a worthy successor. Gangadhariah who chose the path of God, received the blessings of Sri Sri Sri Chidgagananda Swamiji.

Sri Sri Sri Ramanandanath Swamiji received Gangadhariah and ordained him into sanyasa on 25th February 1967. The name Sri Sri Sri Balgangadharanath Swamiji was given on initiation. He was introduced to the traditional knowledge, daily poojas and lessons in the art of elucidation of spiritual texts and more knowledge of Sanskrit. Swamiji received training at Tiruchi Ashrama under Sri Sri Sri Tiruchi Swamiji. He obtained proficiency in Advaita-Vedanta, Sastra-Vakyarthas before he returned to Adi Chunchanagiri.

When Sri Sri Sri Ramanandanath Swamiji took ill, he named Sri Sri Sri Balgangadharanath Swamiji heir to manage the activities of the Kshetra. Sri Sri Sri Balgangadharanath Swamiji eventually became the 71st Madadhipati of the Kshetra. Swamiji drank from the fountain of spirituality and has risen to great heights of divinity.