TVF Aspirants Cast Names, All Episodes download, Series Reviews

These days TVF’s web series Aspirants are being discussed everywhere. Fan clubs are opening on social media. Meme pages are running, fan wars are happening because people are able to relate a lot with each of its characters. This series shows the story of three students and best friends preparing for the Union Public Service Commission while staying away from family.

TVF Aspirants Cast Names & Reviews

This series takes place in the Rajendra Nagar area considered to be the UPSC hub of Delhi. By the way, the entire texture of this story is about The Civil Services Examination, India’s most tough competitive exam. But while watching it, you also get to know and learn and understand a lot about life. Well, You can find them by watching the episodes of TVF Aspirants available on YouTube for free as all the episodes are telecasted.

TVF Aspirants Web series 2021 Highlights

Series NameTVF Aspirants
StarringNaveen Kasturia, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Abhilash, Sunny Hinduja, Namita Dubey
Developed by TVF (The Viral Fever)
DirectorApoorva Singh
Telecast onYouTube
Total Episodes5

TVF Aspirants Character Names

We will discuss, the five main characters of this series, whose lives are related to each other in some way. These characters are so real as if living in a house next to us. This is the reason why the public is able to feel the connection between these characters in a terrible way. So let us know the story of these TVF Aspirants Cast Names:

TVF Aspirants Cast Names, All Episodes download, Series Reviews

Shvetketu Jha- SK

When the series flags off, the first we meet is Shvetketu Jha but students know him by the name of SK Sir. The role of SK has been played by actor-comedian Abhilash Thapliyal. SK is the most settled man of the three friends. He was preparing for UPSC but could never crack it. His uncle opened an institute to get under-privileged children to prepare for the UPSC. SK also takes a free three-hour class there. On the one hand, children are motivated after listening to their words, and on the other hand, they joke about him but in TVF Aspirants, SK is seen spending money in reconciling his two college friends.

TVF Aspirants Cast Names Shvetketu Jha

Abhilash Sharma

The role of Abhilash Sharma is played by popular web actor Naveen Kasturia. When we start watching this series, Abhilash’s character will be the most serious about the goal. Abhilash used to work in the private sector earlier. Along with the job, he used to prepare for UPSC but nothing happened. He has come to Rajendra Nagar to prepare for his last attempt but the problem with Abhilash is that he finds a problem in everything. And he does not know how to deal with that problem. Well, learning from the environment around him, he overcomes these things. He falls in love with a fellow UPSC aspirant named Dhairya but he himself decides to break out of that love. He is the only member of a group of 3 boys, who passed the examination of the UPSC and became an IAS.

TVF Aspirants Cast Names Abhilash Sharma

Guri – Gurpreet Singh

Shivankit Parihar, who became the journalist Raja Rabbish Kumar in the hit show ‘Rabish ki Report’ from The Screen Patti, has played the role of Guri in TVF Aspirants. Guri is the funniest but most underrated character of TVF Aspirants. SK, Abhilash, and Guri are best friends since college time but Guri is a bit non-serious. Because his father has a factory in Haryana and there are 20 acres of land. So he remains a little chilled-out but Guri and Abhilash are still stuck in the past and both of them have some problem. The entire character of SK goes into the reconciliation of these two and Guri does not get out of UPSC in his life. According to Plan, he becomes a businessman but what happened next for that you have to watch the series.

TVF Aspirants Cast Names Guri - Gurpreet Singh

Sandeep Bhaiya

Sandeep Bhaiya’s character is played by ‘The Family Man’ fame actor Sunny Hinduja. He is the most cult character in this series. A Senior UPSC Candidate living quietly, from which other preparing juniors come for advice, and all the boys have a lot of respect for him. He also has the last prompt and in some way, they become friends with him. Earlier, the family members used to ask what would they do if UPSC did not crack, now they have started asking themselves this question as well. But after spending so many years, he does not have the option of withdrawing from UPSC. A character that many people will feel connected to and he is the emotional anchor of this series. 

TVF Aspirants Cast Names Sandeep Bhaiya


This series also has a female character which is played by the actor Namita Dubey who dreams of cracking the civil exams her name is Dhairya. Whether the UPSC cracked or not, her intention is to end drug addiction among children. However, no backstory was given behind it. Well, Dhairya and Abhilash fall in love while preparing together but they feel that there is no future for this relationship and they split up. We do not know much about Dhairya but this character makes a comeback in the series and this time she plays the role of a catalyst in a major change. 

TVF Aspirants Cast Names Dhairya

TVF Aspirants All Episodes Name

Episode TitleRelease DateWatch Link
First Episode – Optional Me Kya Hai?7th April 2021Youtube
Second Episode – Teacher Sahi Hona Chahiye14th April 2021Youtube
Third Episode – Positive Approach Rakh Yaar21 April 2021Youtube
Fourth Episode – Plan B Kya hai?28 April 2021Youtube
Fifth Episode – Pre… Mains aur Life8 May 2021Youtube

TVF Aspirants Review          

There are a total of 5 episodes in the web series, and each episode is available on YouTube in a short time, the situation is that every episode has got one crore to two crore views. The 5th episode was released only on 8 May, but that too is becoming viral in this very short span of time. In such a situation, it will not be wrong to say that the show has got a very large audience in a short time.

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TVF Aspirants- FAQ

How many episodes are aired of TVF Aspirants?

Total 5 episodes have been aired of TVF Aspirants.

Who played the role of 5 characters in TVF Aspirants?

Naveen Kasturia, Shivankit Singh Parihar, Abhilash, Sunny Hinduja, Namita Dubey

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