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Universal Free Vaccine Policy i.e. Free Covid 19 Vaccination for All 18+ Citizens details information available in this post. In the middle of corona-virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi once again addressed the country, announcing many important news to the nation. In this regard, it is considered important to announce that all people over the age of 18 will be vaccinated for free from June 21. So far, during the COVID-19 pandemic, Prime Minister Modi has delivered eight speeches to the country. The Indian government once again changed its covid-19 18+ citizens vaccination policy. Now, the central government will buy all vaccines from developers, not the states. So far, states must obtain 25% of vaccines from the open market. Prime Minister Narendra Modi also announced free vaccination in a speech to the nation on the evening of June 7. He said that starting from June 21, the government will vaccinate all people over the age of 18 for free. However, for vaccines in private hospitals, the price remains the same as before.

Universal Free Vaccine Policy

Amidst the ongoing Corona crisis in the country, PM Narendra Modi addressed the citizens. During this, PM Modi announced to provide free vaccine to all citizens above 18 years of age from Yoga Day (June 21). PM Modi mentioned that the work of covid 19 vaccination will be withdrawn from the states. After questioning the vaccination of many states, PM Modi announced it in his address. Earlier, 50 percent of the vaccination was the responsibility of the Centre, 24 percent of the state and 25 percent of the private sector. The central government has made it clear that there will be 75 percent central and 25 percent private sector participation in coronavirus vaccination.

Now no state of the country will be able to make any complain administratively or politically about the lack of anti-corona vaccines. The biggest reason for this is that in his address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has announced regarding the vaccination campaign, in which he said that the entire responsibility of vaccination will now be on the shoulders of the central government. In Government of India has also decided that it will also bear the responsibility of 25% of the work related to vaccination with the states and this arrangement will be implemented in the coming two weeks.

Universal Free Vaccine Policy: Covid 19 Vaccination for all 18+ Citizens Will be Free

Universal Free Vaccine Policy 2021 Highlights

Policy NameUniversal Free Vaccine Policy 2021
Announced byPM Narendra Modi
BuyerGovernment of India
Date of announcement7 June 2021
Program will start on21 June 2021
Eligibility for corona vaccineAll above 18 years of age

Free Covid 19 Vaccination For All 18+ Citizens

In coming two weeks, the Government of India and state governments will work together to make necessary preparations in accordance with the new covid 19 vaccination guidelines. Starting Monday, June 21, the Indian government will provide free vaccinations for all citizens over 18 years of age in all states of the  country. The Indian government will purchase 75% of the total vaccine production from vaccine manufacturers and provide it to state governments for free. GOI will maintain a system where 25% of the vaccines produced in the country are sent directly to private hospitals. After the prescribed vaccine price, private hospitals may charge a single-dose service fee of up to 150 rupees. The task of supervising it will continue to be undertaken by the state government.

Free Covid 19 Vaccination for all 18+ Citizens

Vaccination at private hospital and charges

Covaxin Vaccine, costs to a private hospital at Rs 1,200 for a single dose and on the other hand Covishield Vaccine at Rs 600 per dose. The Government of India has fixed the maximum service charge for administering the vaccine at Rs 150 and now you will have to pay a maximum of Rs 750 for Covishied and a maximum of Rs 1,350 for Covaxin in a private hospital.

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How to Enroll Yourself under Universal Free Vaccine Policy?

  1. First you have to access cowin.gov.in in your native browser and then click on register yourself.
  2. New screen will open, in which registrations for vaccination will be written, type your mobile number below it.
  3. After this you will get an OTP, which you can existing. However it may take some time to get OTP so wait for some time.
  4. Now, the registration portal will open, in which you have to fill all the information asked by the website.
  5. Fill all the information along with the identity card, which you can take along with you while you visit at the centre to get the vaccine shot.
RegistrationClick Here
Book a SlotClick Here
Official Websitehttps://www.cowin.gov.in/

Universal Free Vaccine Policy- FAQ

Where will a eligible person get the vaccine from June 21?

The vaccine will be available at all government and private COVID-19 vaccination centers and the difference will be that you will get the vaccine for free at government centers, regardless of age group above 18+. But you will have to pay a price for the vaccine in private.

Indian government is getting the vaccine at what rate?

The Government of India has tied up with Bharat Biotech (BB) and Serum Institute of India (SII) for the vaccine. Both Covishield and Covaxin vaccines are procured by the Government of India at Rs 150 per dose.

Are there any changes in the registration process for the corona vaccine?

No. You can book slots after registering on CoWIN as before and if the vaccines are available at the nearest center, then you can go there directly to get the vaccine. Recently, the Government of India had given exemption for walk-in registration to all people above 18+.

Will 18+ people get the vaccine first or 45+ people?

The priority is to vaccinate the older ones first but can get the right to form priority groups in the age group of 18-44 also. That is, if a state wants to give vaccine to the people of any age they have a free hand in it

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